Sunday, 26 April, 2009

Dedicated To...

Dedicated to the one who always kicked Peppy's butt, to the one who made Ruffles Lays green with envy. The one rockstar who, like my blog, I missed for the longest time. Until I reconnected. To my first love - *drumrolls* Piknik :)


  1. Listen boss, while Piknik was more popular than Peppy, it never really manage to even get anywhere close to Peppy's derriere, ok? Peppy rules! Ah well, to each his own.. Sticks & discs.. sab moh maaya hai..

    Even I missed my Peppy till suddenly, last week, I paced from college to the paan-waala shop next to Ice 'n' Rolls (which is back, by the way) & binged on a Peppy! What fun.

    Next up: Phantom sweet cigarettes. Can't find them anywhere!

  2. I loved it too! And shut up Peru, Piknik's better than Peppy any day! :P


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