Monday, 24 November, 2008


The familiar aroma of the sun-kissed bean
Of blue-eyed dreams under November skies
A frothy mouth so passionately speaks
Of epic Greek fables and the distant sun
Fragile fingers fondle the Holy Grail
A hair strand fails to distract her heart
At the innermost core of it I lie
And in her magic eyes love comes alive
Gullible men such as I don't see
It was never us
Always that goddamn Coffee


  1. The comment box works like a dream! Wooohoooo!!!

    P.S. - I waited long and hard *damn* but no one commented. I've had to resort to testing this lil' HTML miracle myself.

  2. :) Just read this, made me smile


"The person who writes for the intelligent and smart like you is always sure of a meagre audience" - Anuj Gosalia