Monday, 17 November, 2008

No Other Option

There is no room in this world for people who wallow is self-pity. No room for people who sigh, look back and say, "I wish I had done things in another way". There is no room for people who are unwilling to fight out their moods, obstacles and the barriers of their mind. There is no room for people who say, "I'd do it better the next time around". No room for people who look at someone else succeed and say to themselves, "I wish I was there". There is no room for people who can't toil. There is no room for people who don't have the conviction to follow their heart. No room for the ones who don't learn from their mistakes either. Because in this world, there are too many of them. Too many of them fighting, struggling, pushing, challenging, growing and pursuing the lives of their design. If you have a design for your life, you better live it. There is no room for another option.


  1. There is also no room for people who believe there is no other option and yet try to create one. No room for people who run away. No room for people who write of success (or failure the same!) and read success stories and do not taste it. No room for 'someday'. No room for any other way. Not ever. Not today!

    All The Best!

  2. And there is no room for time-wasters, nay-sayers, naggers, pessimists; no room for 'next time's..
    But there is room for only one other option, the better one..

  3. There are no rooms to have sex either!

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha... Fuck the rooms! There are no girls either ;)

  5. hahahahaha...waah kya comments hai

    p.s. the post -- brilliant thought provoking

  6. i wonder what will happen to the world after some years... since there is such shortage of rooms... and too many people to accomodate in them yaar! And these loosers you are talking about,,, they may not have a room... yet they have to be fitted in to some! Isnt it!!!


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