Wednesday, 26 November, 2008

Mumbai is Bleeding...

As I write, the news keeps pouring in... our city is bleeding... from indiscriminate firing, sporadic blasts and our indifference. Tomorrow we will wake up with the comfort that our kin escaped the mayhem. Tomorrow we'll flash our 'Things-To-Do' list and catch up on the lost time tonight... As I write, 5 die in Vile-Parle ... but you see I am unaffected. At home. Safe. My family is upset. Like your family is. But you see... we are unaffected.

This clearly cannot go on. Our country is not a playground. I am at a loss for words and solutions. But this cannot go on. Just Cannot. I am willing to do anything that is asked of me to contribute to our nation's security. I cannot live in this fear. Because I realize that I've only been lucky until now. Sorry, but I am not going to wait until my misfortune catches up on me or my loved ones.

Mumbai is Bleeding... And today... even I am.

P.S. - It is getting much worse. It is apalling.  

P.P.S - Wake up and smell the blood. This is a threat to our fundamental Right to Freedom. It's 2.15 am and some of India's top cops have died. The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai's iconic ambassador to the world is in a blaze. Is this India's 9/11? I hope it is. Because after 9/11 I haven't heard of a single terror attack on America. More importantly, I hope the night comes to an end soon. No more deaths man. No more deaths.


  1. I have spent days ruining my mental health after listening to the injustice towards people from northern India in Mumbai. Wanting to even give up my life. But how can any good be done by us? We do not know much. We know what we want-peace and harmony. But we do not know how to get it in the current scenario. The question is how? The answer of which I do not know, cant think of. Any ideas?

  2. we all are anuj... but how far are we willing to go to bandage these wounds and prevent any in the future... is a choice none of us have the guts to make.... so how self righteous is it for us to feel sorry is what i m wondering... are you?
    OR is it that it is the least we can do so we are doing it to save our face! THINK MUMBAI THINK!... and more so... DO SOMETHING...REALLY!!!!

  3. i also wrote sumthin...tell me if u agree with me....i ts on my blog

  4. I'm tired of hearing about "the spirit of Mumbai". It's nothing more than a lame excuse for the authorities to say, "Hey, you're on your own because you can handle it - we're so proud of you!"

    Who would be on your blogroll?

  5. @ Mudra - Dude, I thought your blog was addressed 'randomandhappy' - hahaha!

    And now my RSS reader tells me it's been inactive for 4 years... I pray such a fate never meets your blog...

    You see... I am paranoid about everything!

  6. I too am tired of "the spirit of Mumbai" - What is this spirit anyway? Survival beckons us to get up and start walking. If the act of us 'walking' is labeled as the 'spirit of mumbai', which it invariably is ... then what can one say? The truth is ... there is no spirit. It's nonsense! There is only fear, insecurity and helplessness. Yes, we will go to school, college, class and work. The BSE will trade too. But only out of our need for survival. There is no fucking 'spirit of Mumbai' ...

    As for me, only tangible solutions will allay my fears. Till then, the images will haunt, the sounds will haunt. And the paranoia will haunt.

  7. Was in ahmedabad...on an IV...when i saw mumbai bleed...feels weird...feels miserable...feels nuthing...its a random feeling...will it stay...the memories of blood filled streets, platforms...the news one saw glued to TV in the cozy room of a faraway resort...the frustration, anger, sadness...random state of anti-tranquility...perhaps it will....perhaps it will not...What one really feels is the feeling of being unsafe...It was not me this time...but what about the next time...sigh...may we find peace ahead...May we have security and tight defense..then just a spirit to live up to ...moving on with life...towards another attack of bloody terrorism...we need solutions yes...i agree......


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